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Common Mistakes Students Commit During Board Exams

Common Mistakes Students Commit During Board Exams
Common Mistakes Students Commit During Board Exams

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Board Exams are a serious nightmare for many students. And why won’t it be? They are one of the most important exams if not the most important in your student life. But trust me, there is nothing to worry about. The reason that students don’t do as good as they wanted is that of some mistakes that they do while preparations for the exam or during the exam itself. Read the article and you will get some information about the serious mistakes that you could be making that might affect your progress negatively. Some of these are mistakes that you may be made before the exams or while writing the exams.

  1. Insufficient Sleep

Sleeping is not just a way of relaxing your tired body and mind, but it is also essential so that they function properly. Reducing your sleep time can cause dangerous effects on your health and they also affect your concentration power and ability to grasp knowledge. Even if the extent of sleep varies from person to person but 6-8 hours of sleep is required by everyone. Sleeping less can cause loss of concentration and energy while more than that can make you lazy.

  1. Dieting

Many students tend to skip lunches or go on some sort of diet to maintain their intelligence or get time to study. Many tend to forget having food on time or having it at all. If studying is important to score well in exams then eating is important to get the energy for studying. Also skipping meals or inappropriate timing of your meals are not good for your health as well.


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  1. Getting Nervous

Exams do bring fear in students’ mind. But trust me, if you don’t do these mistakes, study well and keep your mind calm, you will surely do well on the exams. One more tip is to remember that not everyone is the same. So, don’t get nervous if your friends are scoring more on those practice tests.

  1. Continuous Ratta-Maar

Learning continuously for long hours can overload your brain with too much information. Hence, your brain cannot understand what to retain and you can end up forgetting everything (no you might not retain everything). So, you should break those long continuous hours with some relax time to keep your mind fresh and help you with your concentration. Normally, a 10 minutes break after 1.5 hours of study is sufficient but what works for you might be different.

  1. Mood Swings

Mood swings are generally not good in themselves, and same is when they come in between your studies. These mood swings can happen for various reasons and hence, you should stay away from mood swings.

  1. Not Reading the Instructions

It is a huge mistake of not reading the instructions provided on the question paper or which are declared by the Board in the syllabus. These instructions are important guidelines which you should follow while attempting the paper. Also, remember that these instructions can be slightly different for all subjects so read the instructions for all the subjects.

  1. Questions Are Not Read Properly

It is a common mistake that students don’t read the questions completely or properly and misinterpret what the examiner wishes in the answer and write answers which are not necessary and end up wasting valuable time during the exam. The question should be read at least twice and the syntax in which you are going to write the answer should be chalked in your mind. This helps you present the answer effectively and it helps you in scoring better marks.


  1. Under-Estimating The Power Of Diagrams

Many students don’t understand that diagrams are a fool-proof way to secure your marks in an answer. Also, drawing neat diagrams with pencil and labeling it correctly will help you present your answers more effectively and making understanding the answer easier.

  1. Improper Time Management

It is very important to manage your time during the preparation phase of your Board exams as well as while you are in the exam hall. Sharpening pencils, checking if you have all your materials, etc are tasks should be done before the exam starts and not when you are in the middle of your exam. Improper time management can lead you to insufficient time to complete your paper.

  1. When to Attempt Which Question

Easy questions are less time-consuming while tougher ones usually are ones with higher marks. So, you must decide which ones to attempt when and hence manage your time.

            So, here are some mistakes which most students make while Board exams. The mistakes you make can be some of these and also something unique to you. Do find them and correct them and you will surely do good on your exams.

Best of Luck!



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