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Why NCERT Books Matter?

Why NCERT Books Matter?
Why NCERT Books Matter?

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About NCERT Books

NCERT published books are one of the most published textbooks which are widely used in all schools across the country. The NCERT textbooks are available for school subjects from Classes I to XII. CBSE itself prefer NCERT publishes books & their provided sample question papers for CBSE board examination as it's strictly based on their curriculum.

Why NCERT Books?

When it comes to scoring handsome percentage in CBSE boards, everyone wants to go with the study material that guides them and helps them to accomplish their target and as well have more benefits over any other book. The NCERT books will be the key solution to this study material requirement because of these following reasons:-


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  • Offers In-Depth Knowledge Of Easy Language

  1. All NCERT books are written by experts and proficient teachers who have the best knowledge to provide authentic information to the students along with quality content. NCERT books if studied completely will lead a student to answer even the possible toughest twisted questions in the final exam because of its simple language providing each student irrespective of their mind levels to have crystal clear understanding of concepts.
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  • Best For The CBSE Board Exams

    CBSE itself has recommended that students should only go through NCERT books as they are written in accordance with their curriculum. It's not any myth, it’s a fact you can go through the past years’ exam papers, you will find that questions that are taken are either directly or twisted from NCERT books only. NCERT books have exemplar problem section which is of a lot of help as the toughest claimed mathematics question paper had most of the questions from this section only. NCERT is useful for learning concept but one should know how to apply those concepts just mugging up even from NCERT wouldn't be that beneficial. Just remember nothing beyond this will going to ask by CBSE in any question paper.
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  • Offers A Number Of Problems To Practice

    If you see closely to the NCERT book pattern you will find it itself has lots of practice questions present ken the end of the chapters which provide opportunity for students to practice more questions based on some concepts as we all know practice makes a man perfect, so to get your hand strong practicing those questions will be of benefit. These are the questions of the type of match the following, puzzle, fill in the blanks and many times happens CBSE twist questions from this section only. Never forget the exemplar problems and extra question if you want to score the best.
  1. exemplar solutions for class 9 science
  • NCERT Books Are Widely Available And Cheap

    As CBSE is the most opted board of education across the country and NCERT books are based upon its curriculum makes it available widely in every state and even small villages and that too in cheap affordable prices so that every student can have benefit of it if he even don't have much money to spend on other reference books, he could still get good marks by just studying from NCERT books.
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  • Saves time

    As NCERT books adhere to the syllabus of CBSE, they itself have told the privates schools and government schools as well that they should tell students just to focus on the NCERT books first because it has lucid and simple language, concept clarity and has lots of exemplar problems to solve. They should know time management while preparing for board exams. One should not unnecessarily waste their time in reference books when NCERT books are quite sufficient in it. It saves time, that could be used in brushing up concepts again or practice exemplar problems.


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