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Boards In India With English Curriculum

Boards In India With English Curriculum
Boards In India With English Curriculum

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Time and tide wait for no man. I can’t say about the importance of tide in a student’s life, but everyone knows the value of time. If the time a student spends in learning in his/her early years (which is, of course, a lot considering you spend about 14 years of your life affiliated to a Board) is not worth the while a student aspires of, it can be a huge loss of time (14 years of course). Every Board is slightly different from one another due to the fact that it is handled by different organizations and it runs on a slightly different policy. Here you will get an insight of the different Boards and how they are different.

  1. CBSE

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CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is one of the oldest Boards of education operating in India and hence (old is gold philosophy), the most sought-after Board. CBSE works centrally and rather than regional and hence the curriculum and assessment remain almost the same throughout the country


  1. CBSE focuses on rational thinking and scientific approach in its education
  2. It works in annual segments with each year having two terms
  3. Apart from English being the main language of education, Hindi is also given importance
  4. The co-curricular activities are also given importance rather than just the theory papers


  1. ICSE

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It is most easily confused with CBSE and ICSE being the same by many parents and sometimes students as well, ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) differs from CBSE and other Boards in terms of its exam patterns and difficulty level 


  1. ICSE can be defined simply in the 3 A’s - Advanced, Apt, Accredited
  2. The English curriculum of the Board is the best in India
  3. The Board gives more emphasis to assessment rather than evaluation


  1. IB

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IB or the International Baccalaureate is the best Board if you aspire to study abroad.


  1. A superiority of the Board is that you can learn in your mother-tongue
  2. The Board imparts Global Culture to your child and makes them more connected to one another
  3. The Board is unique as it provides Diploma Programme as well


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