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5 Important Resources Besides NCERT Textbooks For CBSE Board Exam Preparation

5 Important Resources Besides NCERT Textbooks For CBSE Board Exam Preparation
5 Important Resources Besides NCERT Textbooks For CBSE Board Exam Preparation

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When you have few days left for the final board examinations you cannot just rely on only NCERT textbooks, few other reference books are also important for CBSE Class 10th and class 12th board exams preparation. Student smart work in addition to the smart work will help him fetch more marks in the final examinations.

Besides NCERT textbook and other refresher books, here are few references which would boost up your board preparation and help you to score the best out of your hard work with smart work.

  • Sample Papers Issued By CBSE

Every year, for class 10 and class 12, the CBSE board releases the sample paper for all the subjects so that student could get the idea about the pattern of examination.

Sample papers are really helpful for the students who are going to appear in the examinations as it doesn't only give the brief idea about the latest pattern of examination but also the level of questions which can be asked in the CBSE board exams. Sample papers have few solved sample papers along with unsolved ones which can help the student to practice to give their best shot in the board exams.

CBSE Sample Papers

  • Last 5 to 10 Year Papers Or Previous Year Papers

If a student goes through thoroughly with previous year question papers at least 5 to 10-year question papers, he can easily beat the latest question paper as it makes him understand the level of questions and no doubt boost the confidence to attempt the paper.

By going through the previous year papers one can get to know about the frequency of important questions asked so far every year in CBSE board examinations.
Previous year question papers are easily available in the market or one could get it on the Internet.

Along with the NCERT book preparations, one should attempt these previous year question papers within 3-hour time limit honestly and check their solutions later to know their level of performance. This practice will enhance the preparation and also student will get to know their weak areas as well. It will increase the writing speed for the final exam.

last 5 Year Previous CBSE Sample papers

  • Latest Guess Papers & Practice Papers

One should go through each and every concept from the NCERT books as it is not good to just believe on Guess papers. If your concepts are clear, you can attempt any question based upon it. But it always good to solve these guess papers, it will only enhance your preparation as it will cover similar concept based question which could be asked in near future exams.

Another benefit you will get that you will know the strategy you have to opt while attempting the exam so that you will be able to attempt the question paper within time limits and have few minutes to go through your answers to check whether you have made some mistake. It’s always good to recheck.

latesr guess image

  • Quick Revision Notes For Last Day Revision

Even the most brilliant student can't go through the complete NCERT books on very last day of the exam or just before the exams. One should opt the habit of making short notes for the end day’s quick revision. These short notes could have formulas, few important theories, concepts and things like that you need to brush up before the exam.

Quick Revision notes must be as short as possible only having things that need to be must see before the examination to recall the chapters that you have covered so long ago such that you will be able to have a quick revision of every chapter of subjects. It will really be very helpful to have handy notes.

quick revision image

  • Video Tutorials on Important Topics

Sometimes it happens during your last month or last days revision you get stuck on a topic and you cannot get over it until you understand that, it becomes difficult for you to switch to another topic. In such situations, one should not waste a lot of time and could get the help from the video tutorials on that topic easily on the Internet.

It will clear your concept and it is proven that human mind has more retention power for visual learning. You will not be struck ever again on that topic.

video tutorials image


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